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Organic food and green food, do you really understand?

Spectral detection report, In recent years, with the continuous occurrence of food safety incidents, more and more people tend to buy safe food. However, when it comes to organic food, green food and pollution-free food, many people will think that the concept is the same, but the impression remains in the "no pesticide", "green", "the concept of speculation and other shallow understanding. Although these three types of products belong to the category of safe food, but their safety level is different.
organic food
If these three products compared to a Pyramid, The pollution-free food is the base, green food is in the middle of the tower, and organic food is the spire. The more the more stringent requirements, the higher the level of food safety.
The specific differences between the three are as follows:
Different origin. The birthplace of organic food and organic agriculture is europe, green food originated in china, pollution-free food mainly originated in china, the introduction of "non pollution" from abroad.
Different identification. Organic food in different countries, different certification bodies are not the same logo; green food logo is the only; pollution-free food labeling in different certification bodies have different identification.
Different certification bodies. Pollution-free food  by the Ministry of agriculture and the provinces and cities of edible agricultural products safety system Office unified certification. The certification of Green food is certified by China Green Food Development Center is responsible for the national green food unified certification and final certification approval, provincial, city, district green food office to assist certification. The certification of organic food is certified by the certification body with organic certification.
Different standards, different grades. Pollution-free food, green food and organic food standards are different, but the total can be divided into three grades, Pollution-free food is the basic grade, Grade a green food is second grades.
So it seems that organic food is better than pollution-free food, green food, higher technical standards, food safety level is higher, and with international standards.

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