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Automatic Incense Stick Making Machine Manufacturer

This Automatic Stick Incense Making Machine can continue charge, speed regulation by computer. can produce diameter of 2.5-10 mm of incense.numeration production.speed stability between 130 and 150, easy to operation.

The main machine adopts the special material cylinder, the force is even, steady, the diameter is 38CM, the length is 65CM, the capacity is about 74L. The water-cooled hydraulic system has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth movement and easy maintenance. Transmission device by the controller and electromagnetic speed motor matching, through the operation of a given potentiometer, the motor stepless speed regulation. It consists of a drag motor electromagnetic slip clutch, tachogenerator and controller. The governor is characterized by speed range, no loss of control area, starting torque, you can start strong. Frequent start-up without impact on the power grid, high speed stability accuracy.

Mixing bucket with the mixing paddle in the mixing process with the full mixing material faster and more uniform. Contact with the barrel of the material and the impeller are made of imported stainless steel, maintenance and cleaning convenient and quick.

automatic stick incense making machine

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