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Do You Know The Use of Corn Stalks?

With the country's emphasis on agriculture, corn stalk burning phenomenon has done a lot of restrictions, some of the use and value of corn rods will become the main concern of the majority of farmers. Straw if not burning, must do some other treatment, corn rod can do? The following content will open you wide use of corn stalks.

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Some uses of corn stalks
With the continuous progress of the science and technology market, the rapid development of mechanization, the continuous improvement of living standards, the entire industry has realized mechanization, corn stalk also with mechanical processing methods become widely used. Corn stalk was burned or straw back to the field, and now, the value of straw is exploited, integrated with the following purposes:

1, corn stalks can be used as poultry feed;
2, corn stalks can also be used to produce methane;
3, processed into combustion particles, forming particles burning use energy is very high, and no pollution to the environment;
4, can also be used for paper making; paper industry has not only rely on tree materials, straw can also be used as raw materials;
5, the use of straw power generation, processing ethanol gasoline, etc.

At present, the effective use of straw value is quite wide, and the use of straw must be crushed process, in order to achieve the above several steps of processing and utilization. Here is recommended a corn grinder machine, you can check it on our website details, you can contact us.


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