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Potato Washing Peeling machine for sell

Potato washing peeling machine is widely used in ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro and other fruits and vegetables rhizome cleaning peeling;Beautiful, easy to operate, clear large volume, high efficiency. Energy consumption is small, continuous cleaning, brush roller material by special workers Arts processing, durable, good wear resistance, according to customer requirements.

The machine was brush by the rotating roller, the upper part of the installation of spray cleaning pipe rinse. The whole machine is sturdy and durable, running smoothly, GB motor and reducer combination, the machine low noise, longer life, GB bearings, industrial sprocket, chain, wear resistance. All the cleaning rollers are made of imported high quality nylon yarn. The silk hair is durable and the washing volume is much cleaner and the products are smoother and glossier. The machine is made of stainless steel 304, sanitary corrosion resistance.

working principle:
The machine use hair roller rotation to remove the attached to the potatoes and other vegetables on the soil (with wool roller harder hair roller can be directly Peeled), the upper part with a spray pipe, brush cleaning machine can be sprayed on the material rinse. At regular intervals, Open the electric cleaning equipment, peel the end of the material outlet, material removal equipment.

potato washing peeling machine


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