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New Rice Washing Machine|Beans Washing Machine for Soybean,C

MOQ: 1 /Sets
Certification: CE
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
Warranty Time: 12 Months
LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
Country Of Origin: China
  • 2015 New Rice Washing Machine
  • 2015 New Rice Washing Machine
  • 2015 New Rice Washing Machine
  • 2015 New Rice Washing Machine
  • 2015 New Rice Washing Machine
  • 2015 New Rice Washing Machine
rice washing machineIntroduction:
The structure of this Rice Washing Machine:
1. Firstly, connected to water, and turn on the power, adjust the row of stone pressure.
2. Next, put the rice into the Sheng-meter bucket, splitter combination, in the role of water at different pressures, rigid rocks, the mud and other impurities will be discharged from the sand separator, besides, chaff, Michong and other debris from floating material separator discharge; wash the rice by the nanotubes fell into the basket then, to complete the washing of the rice. (Continuous operation)
3. Before starting the detailed inspection, check the fastening parts with or without loose phenomenon. Check whether the power source line is damaged, the there are no foreign bodies, check whether the power source line is damaged, and there are no foreign bodies, in the inside to prevent sticking turntable and detection using voltage whether meet the requirements.
4. When adjusting the machine, to use proper tool, it is forbidden to use tools too much or too hard to split a part avoid attaint parts or affect the filling machine’s performance.
1.The bean washing machine uses the stainless steel structure, clean and health, energy-saving, save labor and with high efficiency.
2. It includes two processes, screening and washing.so it can make the red beans, soybeans, mung bean clean by one-time,at the same time,wipe off  sand, soil, stone, iron and other impurities.
3. The rice washing machine is scientific and rational design, compact structure, in quick succession panning, the panning process, rice and stones, mud, chaff, Michong and other debris from the export high-speed exclude.
4. This machine is not only able to wash the rice, but also the ideal device for washing red bean, mung bean and other granular food.
Technical Data
Machine Rice Washing Machine Bean Washing Machine
Washing Capacity 500kg/h 500kg/h
The row of 
stone rate
≥ 95%  ≥ 95%
Working water 
0.23-0 .28 M Pa  0.23-0 .28 M Pa
A row of 
stone water pressure 
0.08-0 .10 M Pa  0.08-0 .10 M Pa
The row of 
stone pipe diameter 
≥ 11mm  ≥ 11mm
Water consumption  0.0065 m3 / kg  0.0065 m3 / kg
Size 1100*1000*820mm 2600*7800*1400mm
Weight 88kg 88kg


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