Apr,2017  Longer machiners have great reputational over the word,not only in china.

Oct,2016  Longer international business department have extended to 82.

Mar,2016 Our Longer Machines have sold to south africa,canada,egypt,mexico etc.


June ,2015  Longer Machinery's New Official Website Online .

February ,2015 Longer Machinery's International Business Department Moved To Zheng Dong New District .

January ,2015 International Business Department Extended To 46 People .


December,2014 Longer Company Hold Annual Meeting, More Than 100 Friends From Various Circles Of Society Joined The Party .

August ,2014 Exhibition Hall Located In Xinzheng City Smoothly Completed And Put Into Use .

May15,2014 10 T/H Of Feed Pellet Product Line Successfully Installed And Running .


May,2013 Longer China Business Department Established .

August ,2013 Longer Machinery Passed CE Certification .

October,2013  Longer Company Passed SGS Certification .

November,2013 Longer International Business Department Established .

December,2013 Annual 500,000 Tons Fertilizer Pellet Product Line Successfully Installed And Running .


February ,2012 Longer Company Form E-Commerce Team .

May ,2012 Longer Company Form International Business Team .

December 03,2012 Longer Company Was Founded In Zhengzhou .


Longer Company's Domestic Business Started In Luoyang City , Main Business : Feed Pellet Machines.