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Uzbekistan Customer Sign Contract For Oil Press Machine

By:Wendy  Time:2017-12-05

Our the type oil press machine is automatic control temperature, vacuum filtration, simple operation, small footprint, the oil rate is high.According to the temperature control, can improve the actual oil rate of 10-30%. Automatic oil press design is advanced, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, with energy saving, high oil rate,the provincial workers, wide use, pure oil, small footprint and so on.We have more research and development of new automatic oil press, can be used for rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, tung seed, sunflower seeds and other plant oil.We are on the basis of this company introduced a new hot and cold dual-use multi-function screw press machine, the machine has a variety of raw materials to deal with the function, while the machine supporting the infrared heating, micro-electric control and fine filter system, raw materials can not fry Oil, raw raw materials directly into the machine is squeezed out of the net oil is good, you can directly eat, the machine took the lead in the use of two molybdenum carbon steel steel, carbon steel than ordinary manufacturers of anti-pressure, anti-wear strong, food life Long, easy to repair, easy to operate, strong compliance, high oil efficiency.

uzbekistan customer for peanut oil press machine
peanut oil press machine uzbekistan