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Nigeria customer in April 24, 2015 to our company for wood p

By:admin  Time:2015-11-03

Longer Machinery Company Chairman and general manager in related business, accompanied by met personally with the customer, the two sides had a friendly exchanges. During the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, on behalf of the people of Henan and Zhengzhou welcome customers in India from afar, followed by a member of the company's business to customer problems one by one to make the answer, general manager of detailed supplementary, customers have been very satisfied with the answer, especially is the answer to the customer needs what type of fertilizer granulator, let the customer is particularly impressed, customer say: "thank you very much you Longer Machinery, your answers satisfied us, let us after China can avoid many detours. We also understand the specific needs of the model and related configuration by talking."