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Pellet Fodder Expander Sold in Spanish

By:Sunny  Time:2015-11-19

Case: Pellet Fodder Expander Sold in Pakistan
Loading Port: Qingdao Port
Destination Port: KARACHI Port
Delivery Time: About 25 days
Purchasing Process: On October 28, previous customer from Pakistan send an inqury about pellet fodder expander. Make sure some details about the contract and payment, our customer ordered directly. 

2015 Pellet Fodder Expander can produce different shapes of fodder for fish, dog, cat etc. For fish, the fodder can be floating or sinking. Through the pre treatment of the fodder, it can reduce loss of nutrition and advance the protein ratio. So the fodder will be digested easily by animals.
With different mould, the machine can produce different diameter fodder, such as 0.9mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm etc. Also there are several shapes fodder. This line is fully automatic.
This machine’s expanded pellet diet can float in water at least 12hours. Escherichia coli and Salmonella of raw material can be killed after the high temperature and high pressure,it can ensure of the health of the feed,and also is conducive to denaturation and starch pasting. The feeding speed can be adjusted.