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Poultry Feed Pellet Machine in India

By:Sunny  Time:2015-12-10

LG Series Flat-die Pellet Machine is our company’s new design, adopt to domestic advanced technology,once forming technology. It has the advantage of less investment, easy to operate,and easy to maintain,with the high pellet forming rate and so on. Clients also can according to demand to choose different aperture to produce particles of different sizes,also depend on the material to choose different compression ratios of the mold plate, to produce livestock for different particles.
The pellet produced by our company’s machine is smooth surface,strong, During pelletizing, the temperature will up to 70-80 degree,can make the starch gelatinized,internal curing deep penetration, non-perishable, deterioration, long-term storage.Also can improve the palatability and digestion and absorption functions of livestock and shorten the fattening of livestock, greatly reducing the cost of production of the majority of farming households.
This flat-die pellet machine can be used to make animal feed for chicken, rabbit, cattle, sheep, and also can make fertilizer and wood pellet.