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Hammer Mill Crusher For Wood Pellet In Australia

By:Sunny  Time:2015-12-31

Machine: Wood Pellet Hammer Mill 
Sets: 4 Sets
Certificate: CE
Pay Method: L/C
Warranty Time: 6 Months
LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
1.The motor and rotor are installed in the same heavy-duty base, using coupling direct drive, rotor passes accurate dynamic balancing test, the hammers are arranged symmetrically. 
2.Unique Feeding Design, the feeding inlet is made at the side of the device to make feeding easily.
3.The shell is welded by steel plate, the site in the crush room which connects to the materials all use the wearable and commutative parts and double wear plate.
4.Hammers adopts special abrasion resistent treatment technology, extend its lifetime greatly.
It is widely used in the professions such as fodder factory,cultivation factory,organic fertilizer factory,chinese medicine,chemical industry and so on.Also Mainly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, landscaping, sanitation etc material crushing processing.
This machine has the following advantages:
a. A variety of raw materials can be crushed. Wood chips, wood shavings, bark, rice husk stalks, weeks, other crop straw and wood waste; Cereals like corn, soybean, sorghum, barley, rice, maize etc.
b. It is widely used in the processions such as flour mills, fodder factory, cultivation factory, organic fertilizer factory and so on.