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RFC Series Heated-Air Grain Dryer Machine in Malaysia

By:Sunny  Time:2016-01-06

The introduction of Hot Air Grain Drying Machine
1.It is applicable for drying various grain and plastic particle
2.RFC Series Heated-Air Dryer can thoroughly dry the raw materials and can save labor,improve quality and drop the cost,and assure 100% qualification for plastic products.
3.Adopt fully stainless steel with complete materials cleaning,design with bended hot air pipe for avoiding burn caused by powder in hot air pipe.
4.The new hot air chamber features high efficiency with energy saving reaching 30%,and features precise temperature adjustment and control,the quality electric parts boast stable performance,and the program ON/OFF function provides safe and reliable performance.
New type drying machine has obvious characters with high performance, high efficiency, and high yield, which is the ideal equipment for the drying of some more wet materials. With 3 models for your selection,it is the ideal choice for a large scale production in carbon industries.