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Hemp Rice Hulling Machine in Czech

By:Sunny  Time:2016-01-14

To:Jiri Nutil , Czech Republic
1.This Hemp Rice Hulling Machine is with two different colors: pink and gray. If our customer don’t have the specifical demand , we will send the pink machine. 
If need us to painted gray, please tell me in advance.
2.There are three rubber rollers in the machine, you need to change the other three rubber roller after you process 15 tons grain, so if you need other three robber roller as the spare parts, please let me know.
One set of robber roller: include one big roller, diameter:130mm, length:50mm
Two small rollers, diameter:120mm ,length:50mm  
3.As for processing the hemp seeds, In order to get the best efficiency, suggest our customer that before peeling, need to sort by size , so also recommend the vibratory sieve to sort.