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Cutting and Rounding Machine shipped to Zambia

By:sherry  Time:2017-02-20

Circular Rod Tooth-discharging and cutting and rounding machine 
This machine has shipped to Zambia this month.
Circular Rod Tooth-discharging and cutting and rounding machine,can solve the problem of making wood broom mop by manual,it can work automatically,save the labor force very well.The thread pitch diameter max can be 28mm,min can be 20mm,processing length max can be 1150-1300mm.This machine for make thread/broom handle threading machine  is to make thread on wood handle's head,make it more convinient to install and screw mop,broom,shovel,farm tools ect.
This machine have three functions:
1.cut all wood handle two sides,make them to be standard length.
2.make one side to be thread(screw)
3.another side to be round head
(these 3 functions can work separately,this machine also can be customized according to your wood stick diameter)
This machine can make different diameter wood broom mop,need to change different chuck.Customer also can come to our factory to test the machine,we can give clients a training so that they can operate the machine very well.We can also offer the engineer go to abroad to install the machine.