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What Is the Function of Tongue Depressor

By:Wendy  Time:2017-03-16

Why do we need a tongue depressor ? As the otorhary throat is deep in the small cavity, you must use a special lighting device and inspection equipment to check, commonly used 100 watts attached to the lens of the inspection light, the amount of mirror (to condenser the concave mirror), ears Mirror, drum ear, gun-like tweezers, roll cotton, earring hook, spatula, nose, rear nose, indirect laryngoscope, tuning fork, sprayer and so on. Due to inflatable, rinse and other equipment, can more clearly observe the esophageal lesions, and for biopsy, can also remove the small foreign body.
Doctors use the two-round round thin slices of tongue depressor, mainly for pharynx as the clinic, is the doctor necessary check equipment. The tongue depressor is used to press the tongue to facilitate the examination of the surrounding organs and tissues of the equipment, bamboo, plastic, wood and other varieties.at long time ago, it is the iron tongue depressor. Now for the requirements of using tongue depressor at once only, the wood tongue depressor are the most common in our daily life and what commonly used.

wood tongue depressor machine