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Denmark Customer Visit for Granule Packing Machine

By:Wendy  Time:2017-12-05

This is our deamrk customer visit our company for granule packing machine. This machine is suitable for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, spices and other powder, tablets and fine particles of packaging. Such as: cereals, soy milk powder, puffed food, popcorn, seeds, tea, melon seeds, granules and other things.
Denmark customer for packing machine
Equipment after-sales service
1. Manufacturers set up green telephone to provide technical support to customers;
2. In order to ensure the interests of customers, users in the use of the process itself due to the quality of the machine itself, the company bear the relevant responsibility (except force majeure).
3. Packaging equipment in the use of the environment to meet the conditions, the customer must be strictly in accordance with the normal operating norms, the customer can not rule out their own failure, should be the first time with the company's technical department, as far as possible in the company's professional and technical personnel telephone guidance Under the next.
4. System in normal use, the hardware problems warranty year, life-long paid service. Circuit boards, motors, and other key components, the quality problems, in the case of failure to repair within one year free replacement.