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Poland Customer for Sunflower Seeds Oil Press Machine

By:Wendy  Time:2018-03-19

This is our poland customer visit factory and company for sunflower seeds oil press machine.Our oil press is a screw press. Screw press hydraulic presses are advanced petroleum processing machinery.They can be used for a variety of raw materials, such as: ground nuts, soybeans, rapeseed and cotton seeds, sesame seeds, olives, sunflowers, coconuts, cocoa and grass seeds

How efficient sunflower oil press machine works:
1. When the hydraulic press operates, the material enters the chamber from the hopper and is then moved forward by rotating the compression screw.
2. Under high pressure conditions, the friction between the material and the screw will create relative friction between the material and the chamber and cause friction between the particles, and on the other hand the diameter of the screw that presses on the urgent screw is large from one end to the other, therefore, When rotated, it not only propels the particles to move forward, but pushes them outward, and at the same time, the adjacent spiral of particles will rotate the rotation of the screw.
3. Oil through the ring teeth flows into a food-safe steel funnel. Transferred from the media through a freely adjustable embosser. This adjustable pressure differential makes it possible to process many different types of seeds. That is the pressed cake pressed on the chip, falling out from the bottom of the machine.
4. These presses are motor driven. It can also be driven by diesel engines to achieve continuous performance, in which case power is not very stable.

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