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Russia Customers Visit For Sunflower Seeds Processing Line

By:Wendy  Time:2018-01-02

These are Russia customers visit company and factory for sunflower seeds shelling processing line.In Russia,there are plenty of sunflower seeds in their local. The Russia customer want start his sunflower seeds process business. For now, customers already sent his own factory. We are glad for them.
Customers have visit our website,and leave inquiry with his sunflower seeds processing line demands,such as processing steps,the capacity ect. Our professional salesman have sent our sunflower seed line quotation, and provide the factory machine location design for him according their factory map.
Customer are satisfied with our design and offer. Then decide visit our factory to have a look machines.In the end,we have sign the contract.Welcome all the customer visit our factory and company. There is a very convenient to get our company. Around us, there are high way, air port and train. We are pick up at where you get. It is great customer service.

russia customer visit for sunflower seeds processing line