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Tiger Nut Milk Processing Machine Packed To Nigeria

By:Ellie  Time:2019-04-24

There is a glad news that our tiger nut milk processing machine packed to Nigeria recently!
In addition to traditional milk or goat milk, plant milk has become more popular in recent years than traditional milk. For example, soy milk is increasingly devoted to a healthy and balanced diet. Success is so great that there is currently soy milk in the supermarket and positioned as a high quality product to fight high cholesterol levels.
Tiger nuts are currently undergoing the same process as soy milk. Tiger nut milk is considered to be the best alternative to milk or goat milk because it is non-animal and 100% healthy, and is rich in vitamins E and C, which is effective against high blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition, as a digestible food, it is completely suitable for lactose intolerance and prevents cardiovascular disease. In essence, there is no doubt that in the next few years, tiger nut milk will be an excellent substitute for milk.And Its chemical composition makes it healthier.
tiger nut milk processing machine
This time,our customer in Nigeria is very interested in the development prospects of the tiger nut milk, so he wanted to start his own tiger nut milk factory, so he planned to buy the tiger nut milk processing machine from our company. We recommended the most suitable machine for processing tiger nut milk to the customer after understanding the production needs of the Nigeria customer. 
Our tiger nut milk processing machine can be operated fully automatically.Now let me give some operation and maintenance tips about the machine.
1.Before the material is ground, the impurities should be removed. The material size is less than 1mm. The hardness of the material should not be higher than HV309. Hard objects such as iron and gravel particles are strictly prohibited from entering the grinding head to prevent damage to the machine.
2.When using the tiger nut milk processing machine, users should always pay attention to the grinding work and running time. If any abnormality is found, stop it immediately and take it apart.
3.If the tiger nut milk processing machine is used or not used for a short period of time, the inner cavity should be cleaned well to prevent corrosion. It is best to dry it with high pressure air. When cleaning, select the appropriate cleaning agent according to the different materials processed, but ensure that the seal is not damaged.After cleaning the residual materials in the stator and rotor after work, it should be carried out under running condition.
Congratulations again on the sale of our machines to Nigeria.If you also have demand for the tiger nut milk processing machine,then you can contact me for more information. Email:inquiry@longerinc.com  Phone/whatsapp/wechat:0086 18539931566