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Single Shaft Screw Belt Mixer

.Highmixinguniformity,lessmaterialresiduesinsidemachine; .Accordingtouserneeds,withlargeopenorsmallopendoor,pneumaticopening,electricopeningormanualopeningtofeed; .Accordingtouserneeds,addtheliquidaddingdevice. .This machine madeuser-friend

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
This machine is used for mixing kinds of materials before materials enter into feed pellet machine, you can mix kinds of different materials in pellet materials to give chicken,fish or other poultry and animals best food. It is also a necessary machine for making animal or poultry feed pellet.
.High mixing uniformity, less material residues inside machine;
.According to user needs, with large open or small open door, pneumatic opening, electric opening or manual opening to feed;
.According to user needs, add the liquid adding device.
.This machine made user-friendly.
Technical Data
Power(kw) 7.5 15 30
Mix capacity per lot(kg/bat) 500 1000 2000
Mixing time(s) 180-300 180-300 180-300
Mixed uniformity ≥95 ≥95 ≥95

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