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SFJZ-series Vibration Classification Screen

SFJZseriesvibrationsizingscreenhascompactstructure,neatappearance; Thismachineworkstableandreliable,convenienttooperationandmaintenance; Thisseriesofvibratingsizingscreenusingvibrationmotorasvibrationsource,littlevibration,lownoise,smoothope

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
SFJZ series vibration sizing screen has compact structure,neat appearance;

This machine work stable and reliable, convenient to operation and maintenance;

This series of vibrating sizing screen using vibration motor as vibration source, little vibration, low noise, smooth operation,

At the same time it also convenient to replace sieve, large output, high screening efficiency, etc.
Technical Data
Type Sifting surface Provided power(kw) Vibration frequency(Hz) Output(t/h) Leading angle of screen
SFJZ80*1 800*1800 0.37 960 4-12 20°
SFJZ100*1 1000*1800 0.37 960 6-15 20°

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