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Principle of Automatic Oil Press Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Automatic Screw Oil Press Machine is mainly used for the processing of individual company, its production is not large, but simple and convenient.
Oil Press Machine 
Screw oil press machine was introduced from South Korea more than and 10 years ago with vacuum filter, automatic temperature control function, the production have good quality, taste fragrant, the oil rate is also high.It can be used for various raw materials with high oil content, such as ground nuts, bean, rape and cotton seeds, sesame, sunflower,cocoa and grass seeds.
When the machine runing, the raw material from the hopper into the chamber, the screw rotates to make the material continuously push forward, and press. The blank press in the squeezing chamber is under the state of motion, under the pressure of the pressing chamber, a lot of friction resistance is produced between the material embryo and the pressing screw, the material embryo and the pressing chamber. In this way, the friction between the material and the material can be made, and the relative motion is caused. On the other hand, because the root diameter of the screw park is gradually enlarged, the pitch is gradually reduced, so when the screw rotates, the thread is hard blank will move forward, and turns outward, and near the screw thread surface layer with shaft rotation. In this way, each particle in the chamber is not equal to the velocity, the same direction movement, but also the relative movement between the particles. The heat generated by friction and meet the required oil extracting operation of heat, It is helpful to promote the thermal denaturation of the protein in the material, which can damage the colloid, increase the plasticity, and reduce the viscosity of the oil. So improve the press oil yield, the squeezed material in oil, and from the garden and a row row gap gap outflow.