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Is the pet food good for dogs?

The food that feeds the dog must meet all the nutrients it needs for its healthy growth. A complete and nutritious food is the source of the energy and nutritional needs of the dogs. The food is of animal nutrition experts after repeated research, using the scientific formula production of pet food containing other ingredients necessary for all dogs daily need vitamins and minerals and healthy growth.
1, nutrition comprehensive
Is the pet food good for dogs?The comprehensive nutrition does not refer to the content of protein and fat food. How rich, but that contained in food protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and trace elements in reasonable proportion. No matter what kind of brand of dog food can provide a variety of basic nutrition dogs required daily. If it is high-grade food will increase in food with a very low content of unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes and other substances, can promote the growth and digestive tract of healthy dog hair. All kinds of raw materials food need dozens or even hundreds of owners, generally cooked food is difficult to meet the nutritional needs of such a comprehensive, so long to the dog dog food in the bone toughness, standard hair quality and weight are much better than eating dogs
2, dental health
From the age of two tooth stage see the obvious difference in the puppy teeth, if not a lot of calcium, so long will slow growth in May at the age of 4, the permanent teeth may not be very good development, but also will be significantly affected dentin, enamel yellow, even small pieces off. The food by puffing, crisp but have a certain hardness, have a certain role in the teeth cleaning and exercise. Do not eat dog food will be much higher than the dog eat dog food in the aging stage and the tooth tooth stone.
3, the relative stability of feces in dog food is the staple food, with fruit and a small amount of snacks, food is relatively stable, not easy to cause diarrhea. The dog food with crude fiber and ash amount, can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, make dogs defecate unobstructed, to prevent anal succulitis effect to a certain extent.
So, if you want to give your a healthy body, choose pet food, and if you want to produce pet food, please choose Longer’s Pet Food Processing Machine

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