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Provide professional one-stop solutions and mature ancillary equipment, from shelling to packaging, committed to developing smart solutions to improve customer profitability.

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Aiming at the expected problems, deficiencies, defects, needs, etc., a solution to the overall problem is proposed.

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Zhengzhou Longer Machinery Professional Nuts Processing Solution Provider

Our company specializes in nuts processing solution provider, such as peanut, cashew, cocoa, almond, walnut processing solutions.

Our products have served more than 2,000 users including Unilever, Mengniu Dairy and other global brands of which we have earned good words of mouths with our fine-quality products and services across 180 countries.

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Customers Feedback

  • I have received the machine for a month now and so far no issues at all. Grinding peanut butter and pistachio butter, the paste is smooth. We like it, next time want to buy the whole production from you. Your company is making for different nut machine.


    Purchase Manager
  • We have received the almond roasting production line last month. Now finished the installing already. This week have started the first batch production, the almond is roasted very well. We must win the market I think. Hope to have the long term cooperation with your company, next time we will buy packing line from your company.


    Purchase Manager
  • Everything is good here in Denmark.We use the roaster for nuts and it works fine.Peeling machine and grinding machine get the delicious nut butter,our customer is very satisfied with the butter. In the future,we will buy big capacity machine to expand our business.


    Purchase Manager
  • The ARSAT project team was very satisfied with our hazelnut paste processing plan and quickly reached a cooperation. At present, ARSAT’s plant has been built, and related equipment is also in orderly production.

    ARSAT company

    Purchasing Manager Matei
  • I am really happy that i have received the peanut packing machine and have put into production, here show you the feedback video. My products is the roasted peanuts, now i am buying the finished products in our local market. In a few months, I plan to produce it myself, we will buy the peanut roasting machine and other peanuts related machines.


  • We have received the machine last week. We did the debugging and test of the machine yesterday, and the machine is running well. We are very happy that your peanut butter equipment has really solved a lot of problems for our production, improved our degree of automation and saved a lot of manpower costs. After we occupy the market, our company also intends to expand the capacity and look forward to our later cooperation.



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