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Cooperate With Romanian Customers For Hazelnut Paste Processing Solutions

Release Lime: 2021-11-18 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our company cooperated with ARSAT company in October 2021 for hazelnut paste processing solutions.
ARSAT is a well-known automation solution provider in Romania, and its business covers the production of agricultural products, the production of industrial equipment, the establishment of solar energy, and the production of sustainable industrial equipment.
In March 2021, the purchasing manager of ARSAT company established contact with our company through recommendation. The hazelnut butter production project is a new project that the company is about to start, and is responsible for the docking related matters of the project procurement manager Matei and our company customer manager. Matei is a very professional purchaser. He has a very good understanding of hazelnut processing equipment and product processing technology. The conversation with him was very relaxed and pleasant. 
The production of Romanian hazelnuts is very high, and it is a good business opportunity to sell hazelnut paste in bags on the market. ARSAT company soon established the project and promoted the implementation of the project. In the early stage, it mainly produced original hazelnut paste. After the market opens, it will start the production of different flavors of hazelnut paste.
Through communication with Matei, our company customer manager fully understood ARSAT company needs and customized a complete set of hazelnut paste processing solutions according to its plant design, from raw hazelnut  to packaging finished hazelnut butter products. The ARSAT project team was very satisfied with this proposal and quickly reached a cooperation. At present, ARSAT’s plant has been built and related equipment is in orderly production. Our company has the ability to help customers who want to develop nut butter processing business to provide overall solutions.