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Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Solution

  • raw cashew grading
  • cooking
  • shelling
  • drying
  • peeling
  • cashew kernels
  • roasting
  • cooling
  • flavoring
  • packing

Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Solution

  • 1

    Cashew nut shelling line is a complete set of production equipment for processing cashew nuts in shell into cashew kernels. It is suitable for the processing of cashew nuts of various specifications.

  • 2

    The roasted cashew nut production line is mainly the production equipment from cashew nut kernels to roasting and packaging cashew nuts.

  • 3

    The cashew butter production line is mainly the production equipment from cashew nuts to roasting, butter grinding and filling.

Our Advantages

1High Degree of Automation

The speed control of the whole line is divided into sections, and the electronic synchronous control system is adopted. The operation is simple and convenient.

2High Shelling Rate and Whole Kernel Rate

Shelling rate ≥98%, whole kernel rate ≥91%. Multi-loop, multi-channel, multiple separation and shelling, high shelling rate. Advanced peeling technology, high peeling rate, low broken kernel rate.

3Roasking Evenly and Efficiently

Hot air circulation to achieve high-quality baking. Roast at constant temperature to ensure flavor. Continuous production improves production efficiency.

4Precise and Perfect Packaging

Servo film transport system, accurate positioning and beautiful packaging. Automatically complete the process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag making and date printing.

5High Quality Cashew Butter

The colloid mill can effectively emulsify, disperse, homogenize and crush the materials, and the particle size of the finished sauce can be as small as 50μ m.

6Precise and Automatic Filling

The filling volume is controlled according to time, and the filling volume is accurate. The touch screen is used for control and adjustment, which truly realizes visualization and automatic production.

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