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Granule packaging machine for grains

Grains are rich in nutrition, with high food value, and are popular with the majority of consumers, but the most common cereals sales is in the plastic bag of supermarket, selling in bulk, are these products really safe? With the growing awareness of food safety, grain products to be well packed will be the trend, so the granule packing machine will play a huge role.
granule packing machine
For a long time, the definition of grains is relatively vague, generally referring to the grains in addition to rice and flour. Data show that some trace elements of coarse grains, such as the content of iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium are more than refined grains. The value of these trace elements plays an important role on human health. In medicinal healing efficacy, eat whole grains can prevent heat diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.  At present, the using our coarse product is divided into two main categories, on the one hand, it sells in the form of the raw materials and primary processing products, suitable for porridge, flour drinks, on the other hand is the deep processing of coarse grains, and made into pastry products. According to the survey, coarse grain products consumption mainly reflects in the first form, the powder grains and cereals consumption is stepping into the exuberant stage, raw materials have been placed in grid or plastic bags in supermarkets, farmers market, almost no food labels, food production date, shelf life information, because the grains sell in bulk mainly. But as people focus on food safety continues to increase, grain products with packaging will be a big trend.
When it comes to the packaging of coarse grains, it must refer to the packaging machine. Packaging machinery plays an indispensable position in the field of food processing, modern equipment not only can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also meet the needs of large-scale production and meet clean, health and safety requirements. There is a granule packaging machine for enterprises to pack their products in order to meet the needs of customers and market trend.
granule packing machine
The granule packaging machine has a wide scope of applications, and it can be used for grains, detergent, sugar, salt, seed, and other materials. The machine adopts digital display, with continuous adjustable packing specification, and the operation is very simple. Besides, the packaging machine can be equipped with unique design of dust removal interface or dust collection device if customers need.


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