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Roll-type Squeezing Granulator

TheRoll-typesqueezinggranulator,whichisnodrynormalproductionprocess,ashape,capacitycanbe1-1.5t/h,1.5-3t/h,withadvantageoflowinvestmentandquick,goodeconomicreturns. Drymaterialpowderisfedfromthetopoftheequipment,desaeration,screw-pre-press,en

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
The Roll-type squeezing granulator,which is no dry normal production process,a shape,capacity can be 1-1.5t/h,1.5-3t/h,with advantage of low investment and quick, good economic returns. 
Dry material powder is fed from the top of the equipment, desaeration, screw-pre-press, enter into the gap between the two rollers that are rotating in opposite directions. 
The pressed material falls down because of surface tension and gravity when passes through pressing section. The noddies shaped material then enters into breaking machine, been smashed by rotating knife. 
The smashed material enters into granulator, and then the particles and part of powder material enters into sieve by the rolling knife, and then the product is separated. 
The product up to standard will be conveyed to product silo by conveyor; the material under the sieve should be fed back and should be pressed again. The pressure might adjust by the hydraulic oil cylinder according the requirements of granulation. Sheet, bar and other shape of product might be procured by choose the relative shape of the grooves on the surface of the roller.
Technical Data
Model LGJ-1 LGJ-2 LGJ-3
Power 11KW 18.5KW 22KW
Capacity 1t/h 2t/h 3t/h
Dimension 1500*700*1600mm 1600*800*1700mm 1650*850*1800mm

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