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Cold pressed oil assist in the development of food industry


Edible oil production can be divided into two ways: physical press and chemical extraction. Relatively speaking, the physical press oil is more healthy, but the rate of oil extraction is not high. With the improvement of people's health consciousness, the cold pressed oil which belongs to the physical press is very popular. The day before, Australia's largest cold pressed rapeseed oil producers are committed to the production of 100% cold pressing oil, it will expand the product market space.
oilThere are three methods for the extraction of rapeseed oil. Cold pressing is one of them, seeds does not need to be heated, The other is a comminuted oil, seeds will need heating to better extraction oil. The third is the type of solvent extraction, seeds need pre pressing, then washed with ethane.
According to reports, the Australian oil industry in Western Australia Kojonup (Aus-Oils), will introduce three new cold press to replace the old India style press available next month. The old type extrusion press is oil products by heat extraction equipment, is one of the few machines.
Joe Young is one of Australia's oil companies, he said, the use of cold pressed oil will assist in the development of the food industry. Because of the natural pulverization, no heat was added in the process of oil production and no chemical components were added. Also shows that we have an absolute advantage in marketing. "We sell cold pressed oil instead of solvent extraction.
The first purchase of Australia cold press oil industry three years ago, when the western Oil Refinery Co Alba Edible is its partners. Yang Qiao said, "since then, rapeseed crushing volume increased by three times, from the original 30 tons to 90 tons daily. Today, three new machines have been purchased, and the output will be doubled to reach 120 tons per day."
Joe Young said the increase in production will bring liquidity to local farmers. The company is testing processing and extracting of cold pressed linseed oil and oil letizia.

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