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Common Faults and Solution of Feed Pellet Machine

Feed pellet machine provides convenience for farmers,who does not need to collect chicken food, and also made a great contribution to our environment, to avoid unnecessary waste and pollution phenomenon.
Pellet machine in the granulation process, there will be a variety of problems, now we come to analyze.
Common faults:

feed pellet

Production is too low
Failure reasons:
1, flat die for the first time the use of die hole poor finish;
2, material moisture content is too high or too low;
3, press roller and die clearance is too large;
4, press roller or flat die grinding buckle serious;
5, triangular belt slipping or aging.
Resolve method:
1, with oil grinding lubrication, work for a period of time production is increased;
2, adjust the moisture content of the material;
3, adjust the pressing bolt;
4, tension or replacement of the triangle.

Particles contain too much powder
Cause of failure:
1, low water content;
2, die excessive wear, the thickness is too small.
Resolve method:
1, increase water content;
2, replacement of new flat-die.

Coarse particles surface
Cause of failure:
1, high water content;
2, flat die first use.
Elimination method
1, reduction of water content;
2, repeated grinding with oil.

Abnormal sound
Cause of failure:
1, fall into the hard debris;
2, bearing damage;
3, parts loosening.
Resolve method:
1, stop to clear the foreign body;
2, replace the bearing;
3, fastening parts.

Sudden stop
Cause of failure:
1,overload (even fuse); 
2, foreign body into the cavity.
Resolve method:
1, appropriate to increase the gap between the pressure roller and the flat die to replace the fuse;
2, stop to clear the foreign body.


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