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Fish Food Pellet Making Machine For Sell

Fish food pellet making machine can make different feed, the model can do suspended aquatic feed particles, fish, shrimp and crab feed pellets, pet feed pellets, fishing fish feed pellets.

International advanced granulation structure, the use of soft knife lamination form, to achieve infinitely variable speed, the material can be arbitrarily cut into the required length of the product is not prone to burr.

Design novel, unique, simple structure, easy to install easy to dismantle , easy to operate.

Screws with special wear-resistant, high temperature alloy steel and heat treatment, with wear-resistant and long life advantages.
Equipped with a unique booster die device to ensure that feed production and quality, and equipped with electric heating device to improve the feed expansion rate.

The main motor uses high-quality Y series two-phase, three-phase motor to ensure strong power.

Speed feeding device, more convenient operation, feed evenly, to prevent hurt machine.

Easy to replace the template material, the need for different diameter feed only need to replace the template required aperture.

Cutter can be achieved using the reverse variable speed, pattern length can be arbitrarily long. The machine is clean, tidy and easy to clean. Screw longer, you can increase the proportion of fresh meat. Machine stability improved, the production of products look smooth, uniform particle size. Whether farmers, or pet feed processing greatly improve the yield and efficiency.

fish food pellet making machine


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