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How to Kinds of Bamboo Toothpick With Machine?

Release Lime: 2017-06-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
 Toothpicks, usually a sharp or two pointed small sticks, but also the front hook-shaped, a sharp toothpick it flat head, can be off to shelter the toothpick head. Usually made of bamboo, wood or metal. Can be used to clean the mouth, remove tartar and plug in the gap in the foreign body or food residue. Its use of a wide range, almost all countries in the world after the general necessities of life, generally in restaurants, hotels, restaurants and home are available.
The toothpick machines are used for producing bamboo toothpicks or wood toothpicks, the complete toothpick equipment consist of 8-11 machines, some of them are optional according to your actual situation. You can make two different kinds of toothpicks: one-end-sharp and two-end-sharp. You can make one of them just change one machine only!
How to use the Bamboo toothpick making machine to produce kinds of toothpicks?
Because our the toothpick size made by our toothpick making machine can be adjustable.then can make different sizes of toothpick.
Our bamboo toothpick making machine can produce700000-1000000 pieces toothpick every 8 hours by 4-5 labors.
 how to make different size bamboo toothpick