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How to Feed Animal Correctly ?

Release Lime: 2017-06-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Feed feeding is a very important work in aquaculture.Scientific and rational feeding, can make fish healthy growth, and can reduce the burden of erbium material, reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.Now the Feeding notes for feedstuffs are listed below:

1. pellet feed fish pellet feed diameter is usually 2.5 mm to 8 mm, 5 mm long to 10 mm, can be directly cast in the fishing pool to feed. Feed damp not directly feeding, to first dry or dried, and then feeding; such as feed deterioration is not appropriate to feed, to prevent fish poisoning after eating.
2. Cake feed cake feed feed small fish should be broken, soaked, after grinding feeding, feeding to the big fish to soak it.
3. Grain feed large grain of grain such as corn, should be processed after crushing to feed the fish; small particles such as grain, can be sprouted after feeding fish, young grains of buds high nutritional value, fish eat digestion, absorption Fast, gain fast.
4. green feed to the big fish in general will be green feed to remove the soil can be directly fed; feed the fish should be chopped or beaten, plus 0.2% of the salt mix well, sprinkle feeding. The green feed chopped and cooked, stir into the amount of bran, soda, small fish prefer to eat.
5. Bad bran feed feed small fish should be bad bran feed soaked in softening; fed to the big fish should be fermented to a wine flavor when feeding. At the beginning of the first feeding a small amount of feeding, after the gradual increase, but not more than 30% of the total daily feed.
6. Protein feed earthworms, fly larvae, insects and other fish are the upper animal protein feed, can be fed directly, but also dried into the powder with other feed after feeding fish. For the block animal feed, it should be chopped and ground, add the adhesive made into small group feeding.
7. fecal feed chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, etc. are good fish feed. The feces dried ground into powder, and then by a certain proportion with other feed use. The proportion of chicken manure generally 40% to 50%, 50% to 70% cow dung, pig manure 30% to 50% is appropriate.