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Why Women Should Eat Cashew Nuts ?

Release Lime: 2017-07-03 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Today, we introduce cashew nuts. The name suggests is a long like a kidney of food, because people usually kidneys become kidneys, so the food is also known as cashew nuts. Cashew nuts can not only eat as snacks, but also can be used as cooking dishes, it is welcomed by everyone. So what is the benefit of eating cashews? What is the nutritional value of cashew nuts?
The benefits of a woman eating cashews
1, diuretic cooling
Cashew nuts contained in the composition is conducive to urination, but also can cool down.
2, through the milk
Cashews also have the effect of prolactin, beneficial to postpartum milk secretion of women.
3, increase the resistance
Regular consumption of cashew nuts can improve the body resistance to disease, enhance sexual desire, so that weight gain.
4, help defecation detoxification
Cashew nuts are rich in oil, edible cashews can nourish the intestinal tract, promote defecation and detoxification.
5, to eliminate fatigue
Cashews vitamin B1 content after sesame and peanuts, have to add strength, eliminate the effect of fatigue, suitable for people who are tired of eating.
6, the protection of cardiovascular
Some of the vitamins and trace elements in the cashew nuts have a good effect on softening the blood vessels, which is of great benefit in protecting blood vessels and preventing cardiovascular disease.
7, longevity longevity
To shape the form is the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, since the long walnut shape of the kidney, therefore, the health of the kidney must be helpful, therefore, can be strong kidney solid, and kidney health is conducive to longevity.