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The Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Release Lime: 2017-07-06 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Effect of hemp seed:
1, moisturizing laxative: for the elderly physically weak constipation patients, often with angelica, black sesame seeds, inch cloud and other laxative products with the same; if the intestines are hot, with rhubarb, citrus aurantium with the use.
3, hemp kernel repair the role of myocardium, damage to the heart repair and health effects.

The role of hemp seed:
1, the role of the cardiovascular system Cannabis tincture to alcohol for emulsion application, anesthesia cat duodenum to 2g / kg, half an hour after the blood pressure began to slow down, 2 hours later reduced to about half the original level, heart rate And no significant changes in breathing. Normal rats fed 2 and 10g / kg, blood pressure was significantly reduced. Hypertensive patients served 5-6 weeks, blood pressure can be reduced, and no adverse reactions. The domestic variety of hemp seed is the same as that of India, and the physiological effect is similar.
2, to diarrhea fire hemp can stimulate the intestinal mucosa, so that increased secretion, peristalsis, and reduce the absorption of water, it is diarrhea role. (1: 1, 1: 0.5), hemp (1: 1, 5), hemp capsule (1: 1) 0.1ml into the small intestine of the toad, 90 minutes of observation, have increased the role of intestinal contents.
3, the impact of serum cholesterol experiment 20 adult rats, weight 190-240g, male and female, each group of 10, male and female half, according to weight and serum cholesterol concentration was divided into randomized control group and experimental group, the control group Fed with high fat diet, the experimental group in the high-fat diet plus fire fungus dry sample 10%. The results showed that hemp kernel had a significant effect on preventing serum cholesterol in rats. During the experimental period, serum cholesterol levels were stable at 4 weeks and significantly lower in the fourth and fourth weeks than in the control group (P <0.05).

Compatibility of hemp seed:
1. with bunge cherry seed: Run dry diarrhea. bunge cherry seed quality Run bitter, the diarrhea effect than the fire hemp strong, but after the people to the body fluid loss, dry knot even more; fire hemp laxative, anxious and not hurt. The two drugs together, can increase the role of diarrhea, but also the system of its injury liquid consumption, a just a soft, for each other, for Jin dry dry, constipation, habitual constipation and other evidence.
 2. with snake gourd Seed with a laxative effect. Trichosanthes can be on the Qingfei heat, run down the large intestine. Lung and large intestine in the table, this is the table Tongzhi; hemp can runchang catharsis, Ziyin tonic, the two match, the laxative effect is more significant, can be used for intestinal dry heat, Hyperactivity cough And the constipation.
3. with almonds: Runzao bowel. Almond quality and more oil, there are laxative of the power, hemp flour dry mouth, almond partial go gas points, hemp sub-partial blood, blood Tongzhi, for the dryness of the gas stagnation syndrome.

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