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Whole Line of Cashew Nut Pressing Equipment

Release Lime: 2017-08-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Cashew process equipment consist Cleaning → cooling → open shell → drying → grading → filling → filling nitrogen packing → high temperature sterilization → air drying → packing
Cashew nut shelling machine is advanced mobile equipment, cashew nuts according to their width after 3-5, and then peeled, cashew nut shelling rate, the whole kernel rate of 98% or more, small footprint, easy to produce line.

At present, the world cashew processing methods are mainly divided into cooking and frying, India and Southeast Asian countries generally use cooking method, Japan and European countries using frying.

The cooking method is divided into atmospheric cooking and pressurized cooking. Pressurized bean curd is the cashew nuts into a cylindrical type of cooking pot, the tank steam pressure of 0.2-0.25MPa, cooking time about 20min per can of about 400kg of fruit filling material is fully manual, labor intensity Prone to work accidents.

Frying, high degree of automation, complex equipment, after cleaning cashew nuts, fried before. Must be placed in the humidity in the three days to ensure that the moisture content of the shell in the range of 3% -8%, and then use the key to bring the cashew nuts to cns as the medium, oil temperature maintenance certificate 190-200 ℃ in the tank Fried, with the same 2-3min