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How to Grind Grains or Vegetables for Livestock Feed

Release Lime: 2015-03-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
More and more people think that creating own feed for animals is a worthy goal, the reason is that making their own livestock feed is less much expensive than purchasing commercial feed and they can control the quality and ingredients. In fact, if you are tired of commercially produced feed which appears to lack of nutrition and laced with chemicals, making your own feed simply with a few grains and vegetables also can improve the health and vitality of your animals. We can supply animal feed pellet mill for you, then growing your own feed does take place.
How to Grind Grains for Livestock Feed

* Site selection: select a suitable site where you plan to manufacture the feeds. You’re going to have to customize the specifics of your geographical region according to the type of animals. At the same time to ensure that the transportation convenience of raw materials, the easy availability of water and power.

* Materials needed: gather dried version of raw materials like alfalfa, corn, peas, wheat, oats and barley. Select or make your own premix substance made from salt, crab meal, flax seed and fish meal or other ingredients according to the animals your are feeding.

* Equipment selection: purchase the manufacturing equipment- a pellet mill. Set up a ring die animal feed pellet mill if you plan to make large capacity. Select and set up a electric flat die feed pellet machine if you plan to make much less amounts of feed each year. Our company specializes in the design and production of feed pellet mill, please feel free to contact us if you have any question, and we can customize for you according to your actual situation.

* Making the feed: find out what ingredient and nutrition is best for your animals growing, grind the ingredients using a grinding machine, mix the resulting powder mixture with liquid ingredients such as oils, molasses and fats, then use a pellet machine to turn the raw materials into pellets. Hire workers to help you in the manufacturing process when mass production, you can work on it by yourself if you don’t need to produce much quantity. Likewise, we also have professional technical staff can provide you with guidance.

* Storage and feeding: store the finished products in a cool, dry place that is easy to access for feeding. Experiment with different quantities until you reach the optimum amount of grain. When consuming homemade feed, you should observe your animals’ behavior to ensure their health and safety.