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Recycling Waste Paper into Pellet Fuel

Release Lime: 2015-04-03 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Wood pellets have gained much popularities in the last couple of years as a viable home heating option. As the cost of traditional fuels is increasing greatly, there is no doubt that the market of wood pellet mill continues to grow faster. However, wood pellet is not the only choice, you can compress many other raw materials into pellet form, including waste paper.

Recycling Waste Paper into Pellets

Along with the development of human civilization, the number of waste paper also has a gradually increase trend every year. The waste paper has been polluted and contains many toxic substances, it is not good for people to have a direct contact with it. Therefore, the recycling of waset paper has become an annoying problem. Recycling it into biomass pellet biomass undoubtedly, you can get the best of both worlds.

Paper can actually be used as a great raw material for the pellet mill. After pelletizing, the pellets become a green and renewable resource with wide application. The waste paper pellets can discharge as high calorific value as possible, while produce little smoke and ash. Therefore, they are widely used in residential heating, cooking, electricity generating, or as industrial fuel. That is to say, the utilization of waste paper pellets can not only solve the recycling problem, but create great economic benefit.

How to Make Paper Pellet

First, collect the recycled paper, such as old newspaper, pizza and other boxes, junk mail and old documents that you no longer need. Then tear the recycled paper into pieces and feed the paper pieces into the hopper of hammer mill slowly. Next, feed the shredded paper into the pellet mill. In a few seconds, we can get the paper pellets. Continue the process until all the shredded paper is gone. Repeat this procedure periodically to use all your recycled paper.

Market Prospect of Waste Paper Pellet

The development of economic gives birth to more and more industries, which makes the demand for paper increasing. Unavoidably, a large amount of waste paper will be also produced. As a burgeoning industry, waste paper pellets will have a bright future in the fuel market.

Correspondingly, biomass pellet fuel will be advocated for a long period for its renewability and friendliness to environment. For families, pellets are easy and cheap to get for home heating. For factories or companies, pellets production allows them making profit. All these factors will accelerate the development of waste paper pelletizing with a bright future.