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The Advantages of Biomass Fuel

Release Lime: 2015-04-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Biomass is a renewable, carbon lean,sustainable sources that is already widely available to agriculture crops & residues, forestry crops & residues, industrial residues ,animal residues and municipal solid wast, and so on. With biomass we can generate electricity or produce heat or bio-fuel, and has many benefits for usage of biomass fuel in many different facilities

Facilities suitable for biomass systems include colleges, universities, hospitals, public buildings, hotels and motels, commercial buildings, greenhouses, large-scale agricultural operations, manufacturing plants, power plants, schools, and community district energy systems.

Why Use the Biomass Fuel?

1. Low Fuel Cost.
Low fuel cost is the main attraction of heating with woodchips and pellets. Unlike fuel oil, propane, and natural gas, solid biomass fuels have a history of stable prices that are comparatively unaffected by global economics and political events.

2. Energy Independence.
Biomass is a locally available fuel source that increases the region’s energy independence and security while stimulating the local economy by keeping energy dollars circulating in the region rather than exporting them. Using wood also helps to support the forest products industry, creating markets, and forestry and agriculture jobs in the surrounding region.

3. Less Emissions of Particulate Matter.
Modern community-scale biomass systems burn cleanly, with virtually no visible emissions or odors, and, compared with modern residential-scale wood and pellet stoves, with far less emissions of particulate matter , an exhaust product of wood combustion known for its adverse effects on human respiratory health.

4. Low Carbon Dioxide.
Burning wood for energy has a positive impact in moderating global climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the atmosphere is a significant cause of global climate change. Fossil fuel combustion takes carbon that was locked away underground (as crude oil and gas) and transfers it to the atmosphere as CO2. When wood is burned, however, it recycles carbon that was already in the natural carbon cycle.

5. Reduce Landfill.
Another advantage of biofuel is that it can take waste that is harmful to the environment and turn it into something useful, for instance, garbage as landfill can, at least partially, be burned to create useable biomass fuel, and ethanol can be made from corn and other crops with reducing landfill, while can be used to create some useable different product. With so many living source on the planet, there is no limit to how many applications can be found and invent.