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How to Choose Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Release Lime: 2015-11-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Fish feed pellet is very important for aquaculture as we all know. It is easy for the fish to absorb and digest and fish feed pellet is stable performance and higher nutritionand. It can float in the water does not pollute the water for a long time. Therefore, it enjoys great reputation among fish farmers.
We'd better obey these three points If we choose the fish feed pellet.
First, fish feed pellet must fully meet the nutritional needs of the fish in order to ensure that fish grow rapidly.
Secondly, we must pay attention to the safety. This means that we should test whether adding fish feed pellet or no harmful additives. Otherwise,the fish have an ugly shape, or even affect our health seriously.
Third, cost-effective, if the prices of fish feed pellet is same. we should compare their quality. Instead, we should compare the prices.
We should be paid to attention when feed fishes
First, because when granulated feed pellets by fish feed pellet machine and therefore should not be stored for a long period of time water fish feed pellet was 12% ~ 14%. When pellet feed moldy and wet will reduce the nutritional value of fish feed pellets , which is not conducive to the growth of fish. The best way is that after the production of fish feed grain, we feed a fish.
Secondly, we can add salt to the fish feed pellet. This can kill bacteria and prevent the fish sick.
Third, the diameter of the feed particles should be adjusted with the growth of fish. When the fish is a baby, and the water temperature is low, slow growth, the diameter of two millimeters temperature should be controlled. Growth of temperature rise of the water and the fish with the diameter of the feed particles should be 3-3.5 mm. And later in the period, feed particles should have a diameter of 4-4.5 mm.
Fourth, rational fertilization. Is a common fish feed pellets have a high usage rate, they will grow rapidly. But for fertilizer fish, they eat enough fish feed pellet, water light, so we should fertilize the water, improve fish fertilizer nutrients.
Fifth, the fish did not stomach, so the fish feed pellet remain in gut for a short time, resulting in a low efficiency of fish feed pellet. Thus, at a fixed total amount of time to increase the supply and reduce the number of fish pellet feed.