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What Can Peanut Shelling Machine Do?

Release Lime: 2015-12-10 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Eating peanuts daily helps decrease blood pressure. While many people are tired of shelling peanuts. Are you still busy in shelling peanuts when harvest? Do you always employ people to shell it? Why not try this peanut sheller?
Peanut sheller is my factory according to the current peanut market demand and to study the universal product research and development.Mainly used to shell the peanut.

How it works:
eanut by hand feeding, crude fell to a gate in the text, since the text plate is rotated and fixed-irons concave rubbing force between the plates, the peanut shells stripped after the separation of peanut shell while falling through the grid, through the duct over by the wind will blow most of the peanut shell hit the machine, but not yet a part of peanuts and peanut peeling fruit together small proportion fall into the sorting screen, after re-screening, separating peanuts from the screen surface line, through feed entrance and exit into sacks, but have not yet peeled peanuts (small fruit), then the screen face down, after crossing the material flow into the elevator, and then from the elevator into the grid for the second shelling of fine lines, and then after the election the proportion of branches screening , you can achieve all the peel.
1.Low broken rate, sorting and clean, good color, less impurities.
2.Large capacity of 1000-1500kg/h.
4.It can match with othe peanut processing machines.
5.With high efficiency of 95% shelling rate.
6.We have a series of peanut shelling machine, with smller and larger capacity.