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Why Wooden Stick for Ice Cream Bar?

Release Lime: 2015-12-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Ice cream is one of the most popular frozen desserts around the world. A number of variables, such as flavor,body, texture, melting properties, color, and appearance impact the perceived quality of ice cream and can potentially affect product sales. Ice cream sticks come in a variety of flavors from the traditional chocolate and vanilla to more unique flavors like pineapple and strawberry-banana. A delectable treat, people eat this kind of ice cream off sticks and do not need to use spoons or any other dining utensil. Ice cream sticks are party favorites that are usually affordable and can be purchased in bulk. Many types exist, too numerous to count.

What are the Different Types of Ice Cream Sticks?
The sticks themselves can be made of wood or plastic ones. These sticks are purchased in bulk and allow consumers to make their own ice cream sticks. The most traditional model is manila colored, thin, and about 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 cm) long. Packs of 100 and 500 are common denominations.For store-bought ice cream sticks, there are a few traditional options. Paddle pops are one of the most well-known of ice cream sticks. These desserts consist of a square, circle, or rectangle of ice cream often coated in chocolate and placed on a wooden stick. They are made by countless brands and sold in almost all grocery stores and convenience stores. These come in packs of six or 12 but can also be purchased in larger numbers at special retail chains.
Twin pops are another type of ice cream stick. They are made of ice cream or frozen syrup and come on two wooden sticks. This treat consists of two ice cream sticks molded into one and bonded at the hip, thus the name twin pop.
Freeze Popsicles are one of the oldest and most affordable options of ice cream sticks. They can also be known as ice pops of freezies. Though they do not come on sticks, these desserts are made by sealing flavored syrup inside of a long plastic tube and freezing it. People push them up through the tubes as they eat them. These can be purchased in boxes of 100 or more, which make them a great option for parties and events.

Why Wooden Sticks Are Popular for Ice Cream Bars?
One element is tradition.The choice of wood, according to this traditional story, was somewhat accidental, though given that plastics were not yet available in 1905, Epperson's main choices for stirring would probably have been metal or wood. (And obviously metal would be uncomfortable to hold in a frozen treat, regardless of whether this origin story is true or not.)A business seeking to make a change away from such a tradition would need motivation, either an economic reason (a cheaper but still acceptable product) or an actual product improvement.It's also important to note that some businesses actually have experimented with disposable plastic sticks. The most common type were so-called Elsie Stix or Icetix, which were distributed by Borden Dairy in the U.S. They were intended to be collectible and manufactured to be used as toys after serving their purpose in the ice cream bar. 

How to Make Ice Cream Sticks?
Automatic Wood Tongue Depressor/Ice Cream Stick/Coffee Bar Making Machine is multifunctional for processing ice cream stick,tongue depressor,coffee stirrer and matchstick by changing moulds in carve cutting machine
1.Cooking Machine of Automatic Wood Tongue Depressor/Ice Cream Stick/Coffee Bar Making Machine:Frist,you should cook the log up to 80o~100oC for 3-4 hours
2.Rotary Cutting Machine of Automatic Wood Tongue Depressor/Ice Cream Stick/Coffee Bar Making Machine:Cut the log into thin board then put in to Carve Cutting Machine
3.Carve Cutting Machine:Put the board which processed by Rotary Cutting Machine into this machine,then you can get the finished product with different sizes,by changing the moulds in the machine
4.For the Chamfering Machine:It is used for embellishing the finished product line.
5.For the Selecting Machine of Automatic Wood Tongue Depressor/Ice Cream Stick/Coffee Bar Making Machine:It can select the finished product which from Carve Cutting Machine,if the finished product is curving,thin,and also remove the dust in the products.
6.For the Bundling Machine:It can bunld the finished product to a bould of 50 pcs
7.For the Knife Sharpening Machine:It is used for sharpening the knifes in the machine.