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Drum Wood Chipper Introduction

Release Lime: 2015-12-28 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Drum Wood Chipper Introduction
Drum wood chippers are ideal equipment producing wood chips, widely used in paper plants, particle and fiber board plants, wood chippers production and export bases. The raw material such as logs and small wood branches, twigs can be cut into high quality wood chips with even length and uniform thickness. The wood chipping machine can also be used for processing wood planks after brief treatment. Wood chipping are the first step if you want to make wood pellets or briquettes from wood logs.Drum wood chipper features a large, motor-powered drum located at the center of the machine. It is a dedicated device producing quality wood chips for energy generation and wood pulp industry. That’s why it is popular in places where wood chips used as the starting material for further production like wood pellet plant, particleboard mill, fiberboard factory, biomass power plant, etc. The chipping materials are of great variety such as wood, stalk or straw, etc. Our wood drum chipper is extremely robust and scientifically designed which can transfer wood materials into uniform and high quality chips.

How Wood Chippers Work
Regardless of the size or make, wood chippers all function in the same basic manner. An internal engine, either an electric motor or a fossil-fuel engine, powers the device. A gearbox uses pulleys and v-belts to connect the engine to a set of knives—the pulley enables the engine to control the speed at which these blades rotate, and the v-belt transmits the power from the engine. Internal gears within the gearbox also help control speed and power.
Wood chippers typically have two separate chutes for processing wood. The first chute, the smaller of the two, shreds branches into chips. The second, larger chute features blades and additional devices, such as hammers, to turn excess plant material (such as leaves) into mulch.
Based on the kind of blades within the chipper, a user can determine the type and thickness of wood the chipper is capable of handling. Typically, the larger the wood chipping machine, the larger the load it can handle. Blades can either function on separate shafts or intermesh. If several blades are rotating on independent shafts, the wood will be repeatedly cut down the branches as they are passed through the blades at a fast pace. Intermeshed blades are somewhat slower, but are somewhat self-feeding as they draw the branches into the blades themselves. Additionally, intermeshed blades produce consistently sized chips.
Commercial Wood Drum Chipper is mainly small trail wood,lumbering remains(such as branches,twigs,tress pallets,waste of wooden box)and woodworking remain such as slab, plank, log core, waste veneer etc). It also can be used to chip non-lignin raw material (such as flax pole, bulrush, bamboo etc).
The efficiency is much higher than the ordinary one.Operation easy ,maintenance simple, life long and the noise is low. 
They would be the best choice for factories and families which deal with wood scraps.It is your best choice to process wood products and sawdust.