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Conveyor Equipment for Pelletizing Plant

Release Lime: 2016-02-15 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In a large scale pellet plant, we need to take advantage of the transportation machinery to transport the raw materials or pellets from one process to another. For example, when the pellets leave the pellet mill or leave the cooler to the packing machine, transportation machinery is required. The commonly used transportation machineries include bucket elevator, belt conveyor, screw conveyor and en-masse conveyor/elevator.
1.Bucket Elevator
A bucket elevator is a mechanism for hauling flowable bulk materials vertically. Most of the materials are powder, particles and small lump materials. Early bucket elevators used a flat chain with small, steel buckets attached every few inches. Current construction uses a rubber belt with plastic buckets. Pulleys several feet in diameter are used at the top and bottom. The top pulley is driven by an electric motor. The head pulley is covered with rubber to increase friction coefficient and improve transmission efficiency. The bucket elevator is featured by high durability, safe working and low power consumption. The bucket elevator is equipped with non-return device for avoiding machine being blocked due to power failure.
2.Belt Conveyor
Belt conveyors are the most commonly used powered conveyors because they are the most versatile and the least expensive. It is distinguished by beautiful appearance, efficient dust containment, low noise and high liability. Product is conveyed directly on the belt, so both regular and irregular shaped objects, large or small, light and heavy, can be transported successfully. Belt conveyors can be used to transport product in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction. 
3.Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyor is a kind of mechanisms that uses a rotating helical blade to move liquid or granular materials. They are used in many bulk handling industries. Screw conveyors in modern industry are often used horizontally or at a slight incline as an efficient way to move semi-solid materials, including food waste, wood chips, aggregates, cereal grains, animal feed, boiler ash, meat and bone meal, municipal solid waste, etc. Materials mixing, blending, heating and cooling can be carried out in the conveying process. It is featured by simple construction, reliable operation, low consumption and two-direction conveying.
4.En-masse Conveyor/Elevator
En-masse conveyor allows bulk materials to be moved smoothly and economically. This conveyor/elevator is ideal for handling many different materials, such as flour, rice, sugar, milk powder, wheat, barley, feed pellet and oil seeds. Materials are handled gently, creating a fluid conveyor system which can move horizontally, vertically and around bends. It is featured by compact design, good performance, long conveying distance and alarm device.
Conveying is a significant processing in pellet production. Allance provides a variety of conveyors to satisfy your requirements.