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Wood Pellets Storage

Release Lime: 2016-03-02 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Wood Pellets Storage 
Pellets must be transported and stored in dry condition. Wood pellets which become damp, swell can no longer be used for heating. Storage does not engender any environmental risk whatsoever. The best thing about storing wood pellets: Due to their high bulk density, pellets only require around half the space as conventional firewood.
Bagged Pellets 
Bagged pellets are available everywhere. Most hardware stores and lumber yards carry them. Premium pellets have less than 1% ash, super premium pellets have less than 50% ash. Individually purchased bags are more expensive than bulk delivery. Bagged pellets are manually added to your pellet boiler on a regular basis. In Europe, where Kedel was born, most people feed their boilers from bagged pellets delivered to the garage. When storing your pellets in sacks, no special criteria need to be observed. Sacks of pellets must only be stored securely.
Bulk Wood Pellet Storage
Bulk storage units are part of a system that automatically feeds wood pellets from the hopper into your existing stove, boiler or furnace. Bulk storage makeswood pellets using more convenient. You won't need to rip open countless plastic bags and dump them into your stove or the hopper of your boiler furnace. There's no hauling, no plastic-bag waste, and the pellets won't break down due to handling. What's more, it's nearly dust-free because the bulk-storage container is sealed.
Plastic or metal silosMore and more frequently, manufacturers are offering solid containers made of metal or plastic. As they fit through doorways in individual parts, they can easily be erected both as little stores in low-energy houses and as large-scale containers for commercial, municipal or communal consumers. Should the volume of a container not be sufficient, some containers can also be connected up to batteries.
pellets Underground tanks
Underground tanks are an ideal solution if there is no possibility for storage in the cellar or house. They are also ready-to-use systems that only need to be erected or buried and transport the biomass pellets to the boiler via a pneumatic feed system. These systems are equipped with sensors that display or indicate the stock level if it drops below a certain point.
Sloping-floor storage 
These stores are often the most economic alternative. An available cellar can be used for the construction of such a store. The storage rooms work on the basis of two sloping floors that allow the pellets to slip down to a screw conveyor or suction system.