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China Construction Machinery Industry Investment Analysis an

Release Lime: 2016-03-09 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Chinese construction machinery industry after a long period of development, has formed to produce 18 categories, more than 4500 kinds of models of product specifications to meet the basic needs of the domestic market, with a considerable scale and important industry to flourish vitality.

 "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's construction machinery industry increased research and development efforts and the pace of technological innovation, and significantly improve the overall level of product quality, product reliability continues to improve, the gap with the international advanced level gradually reduced. During this period, China's construction machinery products self-sufficiency rate from 82.7% "fifth" period, and increased to 88.5% in 2009, gradually from manufacturing to create the cross. In addition, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's construction machinery industry through mergers and acquisitions and investment to promote the development of competition, the degree of concentration of production, a substantial increase in degree of industrial clusters. At the same time, vigorously promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, product upgrading, and strive to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly industries, the work had been successful.
In 2011, China's construction machinery industry total industrial output value of 5,968.87 billion yuan, up 35.73 percent over 2010; sales value of 5,792.26 billion yuan, up 34.56 percent over 2010; sales rate of 97.04%.
The first half of 2012, China's construction machinery import and export trade volume was $ 12.576 billion, an increase of 5.01% over the same period in 2011. The import amount of $ 3.336 billion, down 36.2% over same period in 2011; export value of 9.24 billion US dollars, up 36.9 percent over the same period in 2011.
At present, China has surpassed the United States, Japan, Europe, the world's largest construction machinery market, which means investors a good investment opportunity. Large-scale infrastructure construction, the development of national strategic emerging industries, have directly led to the construction machinery market will continue to grow.
"Twelve Five" period, the development of the Chinese economy steady upward construction machinery industry will provide significant and sustained momentum, benefit from this, coupled with the ability to continuously enhance corporate innovation and overall competitiveness, China's construction machinery industry will continue to remain high run. According to the Chinese construction machinery industry, "second five" development plan, by 2015, the industry's sales volume is expected to reach 900 billion yuan.
The investment adviser of "2013--2017 China's construction machinery industry investment analysis and forecast report" a total fifth chapter. It introduces the international and domestic construction machinery industry development situation and market situation, and then analyzes the development of construction machinery leasing industry and construction machinery industry product yield data were detailed analysis. Then introduced the excavators, cranes, rollers, loaders, bulldozers, graders and other construction machinery. Subsequently, the report on the construction machinery industry to do import and export analysis, marketing analysis, competitive analysis, and analysis of key enterprises operating conditions, and finally predict future trends and prospects for the construction machinery industry.
The present study data mainly from the National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Investment Adviser Industry Research Center, the investment market research center consultant, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, as well as domestic and foreign key publications and other channels, data authority, detailed, rich, through professional analysis and forecasting model, the core of the industry to predict the development of scientific indicators. To you or your organization on the construction machinery industry has a deep understanding of the system, or want to invest in the construction machinery industry, the report will be your indispensable reference tool.