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why failure in making feed pellets

Release Lime: 2016-04-27 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
failure in making feed pellets,the most of problem is the commissioning instead of the machine.here we introduce in general how to commission the feed mill.
feed pellet mill installation and commissioning:
Before use the machine on a stable position, connect the power supply and the knife must be 150-250 A air switch and electrical control box. making-feed-pellets
Should check before booting the screw is loose, the tightness of the motor V-belt, motor rotation direction is correct, the line voltage to meet the requirements, the gap between the two pressure wheel template (0.1-0.3MM) balance gear rotating gearbox within plus hypoid gear oil should be added to the oil line before boot.
1: a new pellet machine running-specific methods: 1: Take corn flour 5kgs, small the oatmeal 5KGS, edible oil 1.5KGS, mix well.
2: Take 50-100kgs materials needed, plus a 6-8KGS water, and mix well.pellet-feed-making
3: then pushed the knife and let the motor idle for 2-3 minutes, to see whether the same pressure wheel speed, if not the same, with
adjustment bolt adjustment. As late, and with good oil slowly handfuls into the barrel within the discharge can not be too fast pressure roller, the material can not be buried, such as molding and other particles out, may be out of the material call again, do not run-in many times. This is the run-in.
4: after a run-in can not be shut down immediately prepared pellets slowly into the bucket and begins normal operation.
If there is no run-in in accordance with the above method, no particles can drum win all playing through the hole in the template with the point of an electric drill and concrete nails,