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Overview about Wood Pellet Fuel

Release Lime: 2016-04-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Overview about Wood Pellet Fuel
What Are Wood Pellets?
Wood pellets are a source of a renewable energy produced from sundry wood waste products. The pellets themselves have a cylindrical form 6mm to 12mm in diameter and must not be longer than 38mm. Thus formed, as a kind of solid clean fuel, wood pellets are easily managed, free flowing and virtually dust free.
What Are the Basic Advantages of Wood Pellet Fuel?
            Nowadays, an increasing people have already formed a strong attachment to wood pellets with direct reasons as following:
            1. High heat-value. 
            It is enlightening that the performance of calorific value contained in wood pellets is able to forereach coal under the same density. That is to say, wood pellets are substitute for coal. 
            2. Omnipresent raw materials.
            Raw materials of wood pellets spread all over the world. To exemplify, raw materials such as straw, leaf, halm, corn bran, saw dust and other woody makings can be compressed into such concentrated fuel. After all, recycling is their basic trait. To this respect, you do not need to worry about where to find them.
Less noxious gas. Anyone who has followed wood pellets can testify a fact that emission of harmful gas is far below coal. Therefore, wood pellet fuel will not bring us acid rain.
What Are the Molding Way of Wood Pellets? 
Generally speaking, there are two methods for woody materials to shape into specific figure. One is associated with added adhesive, which can bond loose pellets together. The other is influenced by a certain compression. Presently, wood pellets are formed by the latter.
What Is Threshold of a Wood Pellet Mill
Some people are expressing a big question like that: Woody materials can also be used as fuel, why do you compress them into pellets? Popular as pellets are, I would like to explain the reason from a physical standpoint.
In a general sense, woody materials'molecular density is able to reach 1.5 g per cubic meter, which is enough large. However, there are two key obstacles restricting their full use. One is bulk density, and the other is volume energy density. Under normal conditions, both the two above is too low, which directly lead to inconvenient transportation and storage. These woody materials are real ready fuel, but it is too hard to divert. Worst of all, you may find a layer of dust underneath your pretty or handsome face.What a pity!
Nevertheless, after processed by a wood pellet mill, woody materials are changed into pellets with a high density. That is to say, it is an easy accessibility to fill your fireplace with wood pellets. 
In addition, a higher density can prevent imperfect combustion and promise stability when burning.Hence, the threshold of a wood pellet machine