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Several Major Advantages of Wood Pellet Machine

Release Lime: 2016-11-04 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
With the rapid development of new technologies, wood pellet machine can be used to convert wood and crop residues to environmental safety standard pellets, and easy to operate. Pine sawdust as wood residues are also processed into pellets. Currently,wood pellet machine is an ideal equipment for the treatment of wood sawdust.There are many advantages about this machine.

wood pellet machine

Perfect handling:the pellet is free flowing, which is beneficial to the material handling and control flow rate .
High density:the energy density is increased, storage easy and transport convenient. The pine pellet can be stocked in a little space as far as its energy density is concerned which is approximately double that of pine sawdust.Due to its compactness,it can be transported more easily and economically.

High uniformity:higher uniformity and stability permit more efficient combustion control. When used in modern heating systems, with the combustible automatic feeding and the supply of electronic controlled air, pine pellet is in a position to render 90% of the contained energy in firewood used for heating.

Environment-friendly:the pine pellet is a pure combustible material and its minimum residue of ash can be easily removed and disposed. There are fewer particulates produced during the combustion process.

Cost effective:the capital cost of storage is reduced.

Risk of fire is reduced considerably.The pine pellet can be fed in stoves, alternative energy fireplaces, wood pellet boilers and stoves for centralized heating.

This wood pellet machine is made by Longer company,the company is mainly engaged in a variety of food machinery.Believe me,this machine is the best choice for you to start a wood pellet business.