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Introdution Of Toothpick Machine

Release Lime: 2016-11-24 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
A toothpick is a small stick of wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, bone or other substance used to remove detritus from the teeth, usually after a meal. A toothpick usually has one or two sharp ends to insert between teeth. They can come in both wood and plastic, and can also be used for picking up small appetizers or as a cocktail stick.
toothpick machineIn the industry, the toothpick produced by Toothpick Processing Machine. It is a production line, the mainly equipments are following machines:
1. Bamboo sawing machine. This machine is used to saw raw bamboo. Saw bit can saw the whole raw bamboo into required length. This machine has easy operation\high efficiency\convenient maintain and installment.
2. Bamboo dissection machine. This machine is one of the making line of toothpick . It is used to dissect the raw to inquired size.
3. Bombined flaker, This machine is one of bamboo toothpick making line. Its main function is to wipe off bamboo joint bamboo brim and split layers. It applies to make required width and thickness of bamboo flake.
4. Bamboo filament shaping machine This machine applies to set size of wooden or bamboo thread.  After cutting the thread, the thread can be cutter into toothpick length by toothpick ruler fixer.
5. Polishing machine. This machine applies round toothpick \wood chopsticks\barbecue peg wood and other food peg wood. The motor pull the hopper back and forth, and then sticks rub each other and become smooth.
6. Toothpick sharpened machine. This machine is used to put the wood sticks in order. Put the polished wood sticks into the quadrate basket. The basket has many small quadrate grids; The length is the same as sticks. Start the motor, the basket move back and fro, then disorder sticks fall into grids because of inertia and become order.
7. Knife Sharpener. Blade sharpener is specially designed for grinding carbide saws easily and efficiently. This blade sharpener machine can sharpen flat tooth, tilting tooth, alternate tooth, composite tooth of carbide saw blade and other saw bit.